At Kelly Spicers Packaging, our business is built on the philosophy that one size does not fit all. Even with our extensive selection of products, we recognize some of our customers’ needs simply can’t be met with standard supplies. To overcome this challenge, we provide custom labels, boxes and other products, so we can deliver exactly what our customers require rather than merely something close, but not quite right.

We can design a solution for just about any packaging or office supply need you have, so don’t worry if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on our site. Contact us today to see what Kelly Spicers Packaging can do for you. Take advantage of our expertise, as we work with your company to build or re-design the perfect packaging tools to suit your requirements.


We know operating your organization is a rewarding but challenging task, so you have better things to do than count envelopes. Kelly Spicers eliminates this task from your already busy schedule. With our capability to implement custom “Auto-ship” programs, we can deliver your packaging, office and facilities solutions to you as you need them. Being without the materials you need can often be costly. With our expertly-timed deliveries, Kelly Spicers Packaging takes running out of supplies out of the equation.


Maintaining large inventories and warehouses, picking and packing orders, and shipping products can rapidly become an enormous expense for your company to take on by itself. You’re in the business of selling your products, not in the business of storing and shipping them. At Kelly Spicers Packaging, we are fulfillment experts; our optimized process can save you money, lower your handling and delivery times and reduce errors. We offer both in-house and off-site fulfillment, so you can focus on selling your products, and we’ll handle the rest.


At Kelly Spicers Packaging, we love to save our customers money. This is why we negotiate bulk wholesale rates with manufacturers, so we can pass those savings on to our customers. We don’t stop with our pricing though, we want to help you make efficient use of your packaging supplies.

We understand every organization is unique, so to reduce your expenses, we need to get to know yours better. Our cost analysis is a free, no-obligation service to your company. Whether it’s standardizing your packaging or eliminating your need for certain materials altogether, we can advise you on how to get the most out of your supplies. Our program has yielded tremendous savings for many companies.

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